Cart Z-index problem

Hey, I link my website and the password as it is protected.
Password: temporary01

So basically I set the menu with a mix-blend-mode:difference so when scrolling it will still be legible, plus I like the effect. But right now I have two problems. If you try to open add a product to the cart (you can do that in the “store”) you’ll see that something weird is happening. I actually don’t know if it’s the z-index or the mix-blend-mode affecting the cart aswell. Could you help me with that? The cart should be on top of everything!

I think I found the problem which resides in “section2” (picture3) where the section (which is the navbar that you can see at the top) is set to exclusion. But that’s the only way (to set te section instead of the link to exclusion to make it work, as if I do that just for the link won’t work I don’t know why). The cart, being in the section2 will automatically have the same mix blending mode. Is there a way to fix it?

Plus as you can see, my menu becomes completely grey when you open the cart. Why?
Need to fix it asap!! Tysm for helping