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Cart items quantity, show number out of a certain count


Is there any way to be able to show “4 out of 6 items added to your cart”? (and then 7 out of 12, and so on).

(Disclaimer: Not like a limit but to tell customers how many shipping boxes they will recieve depending on item count)

Thanks in advance!

Why do you want to tell this information to the customer? Are you dropshipping and you dont want them to be confused?

Otherwise this does not make sense to the end user imo. It just adds friction.

You can maybe simply mention it on thank you page that some of the items might arrive in different boxes or something similar. So they still know.

@Monto because I ship heavy bottles with low profit margin. Therefore I need to tell the customer the price per box they buy at the same time.

Letting them know how many items there are left until one (or more) box is filled up is the easyest way to let them understand the shipping price.

Ok, got it. Makes sense. For start, explain them that under the product description as shipping costs OR just let them buy whole box only.