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Cart icon breaks when the page is published

Hi there!

I don’t know why the cart icon and quantity, when I publish the page, apears broken in the navbar as the screenshot shows.

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Page Published


This is the link of the website

And this the read-only one

Thanks in advance!

Any sugestions in how to fix it?

@Corcuera, first off great design. Secondly, I would be cautious at how you use VW and VH in the NavBar. Keep in mind that 15vw on right padding with move everything in from the right. This is why you cart looks messed up on the live site but fine in the Designer.

Check your settings.

Thanks Brandon! Going to follow your advice and hope it solves the problem :slight_smile:

Repost after you make your adjustments.

I fixed it by removing an element that was hidden in the cart button. Don’t know why but it solved the problem. Thanks anyway @WebDev_Brandon, and sorry for the late reply

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