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Cart Drop Down Issue on Coffee Style eCom Template

Hello all — I’m new to the community and I’m happy to help whenever I can and I’m grateful that this platform exists for help.

I have used the Coffee Style template and when I made minor visual adjustments, I must have affected the cart dropdown functionality. When you click on the cart icon, the card pop up opens but it is too narrow and it does not properly display. If I make the browser window smaller, then the full cart pop up shows.

I can post a screen capture video or anyone can see this for themselves at

Really appreciate any insight on how I can get this resolved. Happy to pay a freelancer for their time in sorting this. I know that this is user error on my end but I can’t figure out what I did wrong.

Thank you,


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This happens when you fiddle too much with some element, especially Sliders, drop-downs menu etc. Never hesitate to go back a bit, starting a nav menu from scratch, or removing the classes you’ve put on elements of a hierarchy to start fresh with new ones. It’s generally very quick to redo something when you know where you’re going, and it’s always better the second time. Also you can test regularly on the way to make sure you don’t break anything.

I can’t seem to be able to reproduce that. To me the cart popup behaves well.