Cart doesn't popup in Google Chrome, but it does on Internet Explorer?


When clicking on the ‘donate now’ buttons it doesn’t show the cart popup on Google Chrome, even though it does work in preview mode. After testing it live on Internet Explorer I noticed it did work there. The same is true for the Ideal donation form, it shows on preview mode and internet explorer, but not on google chrome. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance!

It’s working for me in Google Chrome (v. 117.0 on Mac).
Have you tried clearing your browser cache and then testing again?
Which version of Google Chrome are you using?

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Is it also working via the link ? Because it also works for me in the read-only and preview mode, but not through the actual live site.

I updated chrome and it works now! Thank you … Hopefully other people also have their chrome up to date :wink:

Which version of Chrome did you use before? Maybe I can debug it – better to make it work in all versions.