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Cart container background opacity – not opaque

Why is my cart container background not opaque but see-through/transparent?
From what I can tell the whole Cart Wrapper background is transparent and I can change its color in the styles panel but not its opacity (it doesn’t affect anything). That’s fine with me. But everything in that form, including the Cart Container seems to follow the same semi-opacity, and I can’t seem to change that.
Again, I’m fine with the full width Cart Wrapper background being see-through but the actual Cart Container (the white box) should be fully opaque. Otherwise you can’t read what’s in the cart – very distracting.

How can I fix this?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - OIC_Wireframes_061321

@Rapha so the problem here is pretty simple

Select your cart-menu-wrapper go to the bottom of style click reset opacity.
then select your Cart Wrapper click the gear icon by style select open cart once open click the style brush next to gear then go to your background color Brand Color Neutral 4 click it then the transparency line under the color slide it to your liking

Thank you so much, neverrain!
Works like a charm.
I thought I went through every possible setting/style option on every element – apparently not.

Thanks again!

@Rapha no problem when you set the opacity on the element it effects everything in it.