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I would like the client logos that I work with in a “scroll” horizontally in a section on my site. No background, border, or arrows, simply the logos to slide horizontally. I’ve reviewed tutorials on sliders, but not sure how to edit the background color or size of the slider to serve the purpose. Suggestions? Thanks - JC

Hi Jeff, have you seen this help document below? It details how to get multiple images on a slide in a carousel like animation effect.

Check that and see if it helps you out :smile:

Cyberdave - sorry for the late reply, I’ve been working on the slider - thanks for the link. I’m still tweaking it a bit, but it’s coming together. Each client logo I’m using is different size/shape so I’m trying to get each logo within each slide to align center so they show some type of uniformity. Then of course i have to figure out how to make the slides rotate when you hover. (The learning curve is never-ending uh?) Thanks Again - Jeff


thanks for all the useful tips here. One question: how to make the carousel slider slide one slide at a time and not the full width?

Any help is very much appreciated!

Hi @Tobi, assign a class to the Slider Mask, and then set the width to what you want each slide to be. In this way, you may create a multi-column slider effect, showing three slides at a time, if the Slide Mask style is set to 33.333% width.

Does this help?

Hi Dave,

thanks for trying to help. I understand 33%, etc.

The problem is that the slider does not move slide to slide but it moves a full 100% of the width every time it slides, i.e. 3 slides @ 33%, 5 slides @ 20%, etc…

But I am trying to make the slider move just 1 slide at a time, meaning 33% or 20% of the width, not the full 100% of the width.

Just imagine 11 logos, each in a separate slide. How to move the logos left one at a time, not 3 at a time?

Hope I could explain the problem. Any ideas?

Thank you for your help!


+1 on what @Tobi describes here!

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+1 as well to Tobi’s comment.

I am looking for a way to do a carousel effect similar to the Facebook one on this thread

However, the preview link for a flexbox workaround doesn’t work anymore.