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Carousel in dynamic content

I’m trying to create presentations and each post has 11 pages in it. I would love to have these pages slide. I would really like to know how to create this.


What do you mean by the title of your post?

Is each presentation a page with links connected to 11 items?

Or is each presentation a page with 11 items on the page? This could use either the slider or pagination features.

Hello @matthewpmunger,
I am wondering if there’s a way to have a casserole in my blog. I want to use it as a presentation. I hope this makes sense.

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Hello @EJ_Byun

You mean carousel? Slider?

Ah, yes. @EJ_Byun if @PiterDimitrov is correct, then in Webflow that is called a slider component. That would make sense. Here is a good place to start for learning about using sliders.

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Sorry for my English. English is not my first language. I do want to put a slider component. However, only for some of my blog post, not all. When I put a slider component, it shows to all of my blog.

@EJ_Byun Don’t be sorry. I applaud anyone who can communicate in multiple languages. :clap:

To only have the slider show up on certain pages, you’ll need to use a condition so that it knows when to show or not.

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