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Card image not fixed even though it is (mobile)

I have a card image (below Our Brand) with selected options: Cover, Fixed, which seems to work when looking in the Designer, but on the published version the image acts as if it is fixed and completely zoned out. Does anyone got a clue as to why it behaves like this? Thanks!!

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hi @RobinFievel I do not see any problems it does exactly you have set. the background is fixed so is static. I do not know hat you mean with zoned out as on live page looks as it should.

Hi Stan! Thanks for your reply. This is what it looks like to me :thinking:

Edit: Maybe I should have clarified in the message that I am referring to the mobile version.

ok @RobinFievel that is a common issue, there is the small hack how make it work but feel free to find more articles related to this issue on internet. Hope that this will help. :thinking: