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Card footer not displaying properly on mobile, but does responsively on desktop!

Hi All

My card footer is not displaying properly on mobile, but it looks fine on desktop and responsively using chrome inspect! it’s just an img & text in a flex box div… any ideas?

Can anyone shed some light on this at all?

hi @tommyboy82 I can’t see anything and all looks fine on my side, No shift in “Read more”.

Hi @Stan , thanks for taking the time to look, I couldn’t recreate the issue on inspect tools on chrome desktop at mobile size, but I’m still getting the issue when viewed on iOS!

Is your software just changing the viewport size or emulating the safari browser on iOS?

HI @tommyboy82 I still can’t see any shift. In this video I’m mirroring my hardware devices to screen. Sorry I have forget to turn on sound when recording. But as you see I do not experience any problems on iOS nor in emulators on macOS

Hi @Stan Just checked my mobile and now it’s displaying correctly, I haven’t even touched it… very odd, it deffo was shifting as per my screenshot! Thanks for taking the time to investigate, I appreciate it!

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