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Capture event from tabs module


I’m integrating Webflow code with an Angular app and wondering how I can get access to events broadcast by the tab component.

Looking at the code, I don’t see any indication that this can be done, but I figure it’s best to check to see if there is a known way to achieve what I need before I go in and modify the webflow code itself to add event broadcasting (not ideal I know).

The basics of what I need are:

  • user clicks on Webflow tab
  • call function in my code
  • perform custom logic and either cancel the tab switch or proceed normally

Thanks for any advice.

this might help you =)

Thanks for the reply, but I’m afraid the ability to add custom code to the page is not enough in itself. I really need to be able to interact with the tabs module with the custom code that I add to the page.

Note that I don’t expect this to work in the Webflow designer. This is only expected to work once I’ve exported the code and integrated it in with the rest of my web app framework.