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Captions under (outside) slide?

Hey guys, what I’m looking for (and I have failed to achieve) is to add a text caption to each slider that positions under the slide and oustide of it. Just like when you add an caption to an image.


Thanks in advance.

Use an image instead of background image. Background images take zero space.

Thanks Sam but still not getting it.
For sake of simplicity lets pretend there is not image at all:

How to get the text block under the nav bar?

Try playing around with absolute positioning on the text block and slider nav.

The problem with that is that it does not go below the slider (it hides).

Yup, so it has to be at the bottom of the slide. You can put a background on the caption.

I appreciate your effort Sam but I must be a top goofy because I’m not making it.
I added a class to the mask and turned the overflow to visible and that worked -but- the slides are shown and all went wrecked.
I also tried to add a zindex to the text block so it gets over the slide but did not work either.

You are not supposed to modify the mask in any way. The caption can only sit just above the bottom of the slide, it can’t go below.

So, to be clear, it’s not possible to have a block of text, per slide, below the navbar? isn’t possible a workaround?

See for yourself:

The second example would do the trick! how do you achieve that Sam?

Caption same background colour as body background colour. Still within the slide.

Open project here:

Thanks Sam!
Which project holds the example so I can see it in a weblow setup fashion?

Or is there a way to open this in webflow?

More custom Webflow sliders…

Nifty :slight_smile:
Is there a way to open under Webflow? So I can analyse and see what was I doing wrong?
Thanks. You have been a scholar and a gentleman!


Hope you’re doing well! I was wondering how you were able to make the slides on the example above (and screenshotted below) show portions of the previous and upcoming slides? I’m working on a custom slider for a brand guidelines site and have been struggling with achieving that effect. Any tips would be awesome!