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Capterra conversion pixel on form success page


Is there a way I can put a conversion pixel on a form success page that loads in a modal window?

The company I’m trying to achieve this for uses Capterra for tracking, and at the moment, the code appears to be in the success form area–however, it currently fires every time there is a visitor page to the modal window link is on, when I only want it to track the people who submit the form and then land on the success page of that specific window.

Any help or suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, @ethan

I think you will have to create specific “Thank you” page and redirect the form success to that page.

Then you can add the code snippet there and it will work only when this page will be opened (when submit button will be clicked).



Ah, okay, makes sense. Thanks very much @sabanna!

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Hi @ethan, to add to the good answer that @sabanna provided, the code from can be placed in an embed widget just under the body.

If any questions, feel free to post back the results. Cheers!


@cyberdave, is there a way to prevent users from accessing that page after they leave it, though? I’d rather not have them be able to refresh/access “Thank You” page once they leave it, to make sure that the tracking pixel is as accurate as possible.

Hi @ethan, at the moment, there is not a way to prevent them from refreshing that page, or accessing it directly if they have the link. I am not sure why they would directly try to access it again, but it can be accessed.

@cyberdave , it was more just a precaution if they hit their back button or that sort of thing. But thanks for all your help!

Hi @ethan, thanks, I can completely understand, although it is not possible to prevent that, what I might suggest, is setting up a javascriptj in the page footer, that waits 2-5 seconds after the thank you page has finished loading, and then redirects the user automatically to the home page.

This way, the user is there on the thank you page for a moment, and before they have a chance to click anything, they are redirected to the home page.

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