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Canvas won't scale higher than 992px


I’ve been following the 2021 Design Portfolio Course, and one thing that keeps bugging me is my inability to scale my canvas at the base breakpoint.

I’m on a 13" Macbook Pro, and the base BP is 992px. I also have a larger BP set at 1920px. I know how to scale/resize the canvas, it’s not scalable between 992px and 1919px, even if I unpin the navigator.

If I select the tablet breakpoint (768px BP), I can resize between 768 and 991px.
If I select the mobile landscape (568px BP), I can resize between 568 and 767px.

Even in preview mode, the base BP is 1440px, and I cannot resize it smaller unless I select the tablet view, which then I can resize it from 1439px all the way to the minimum size (240px) without having to press each viewpoint (ie. mobile landscape & mobile portrait).

Can anybody please help? Is it just because I’m on a 13’ Macbook, or is it something I can configure?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Anthony's UX Design Sample

Hello Anthony welcome to the forum.
I am confused what you are asking , that doesn’t mean you explained bad, just I can visualise your issue.
Can you add screen shot or a video of your issue?