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Canvas resizer switches media query when scrollbars are active

When you you expand the mobile portrait width and reach 470px, the behaviour of css between 470px and 480px is actually that of mobile landscape, not mobile portrait.

I discovered this when trying to adjust the settings of an image set as a div’s background.

Hi @noldor - I tried to reproduce this in a new site, but was unsuccessful. :-/ This is the link to the test site I was using:

Using BG Images:

Using BG FIll:

Can you please post a screenshot/screencast of the behavior so I can take a closer look?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: >> e.g. pages in the Leistungen folder >> the hero image states in mobile portrait and mobile landscape

Can you please update your post with a screenshot or screencast showing the behavior? (this allows us to help you much faster)


Hi @noldor Thanks for the extra info! I realized it was due to my scroll bar settings in mac osx. You can disable scroll bars here:

Unsure how to disable this in Windows but a search pulls up this:

We’re working on a fix for this now though - as soon as I know more I’ll post updates!

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