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Canvas moving while editing

Hi, all.

I am new to Webflow. Ugh, I know – sorry.

I have been searching through this forum and that internet for help with an issue. I’m working on creating a syllabus for a class. (See read-only link below if you want, but not necessary.) It’s a rather long page and when I scroll down while in the canvas, the screen will keep moving (slowly inching down, 5 pixel at a time) even after I have reached the thing I want to edit. It is irritating and frustrating.

Did I set up something improperly? Or does this happen on long pages?


Here is my site Read-Only:

@michaellahey - you are editing in the designer or the editor? Which browser are you using?

Hi! I am in the designer and on Safari. However, when I shifted over to Firefox (a browser Webflow warns me they do not support), the weird movement issue went away. Perhaps it is a Safari issue.

Yup, checked Chrome as well and no laggy movement issue. Thanks, Safari! :man_shrugging:

@michaellahey - I think Safari has some sort of intertia scrolling feature, maybe that is what you’re dealing with. Not sure if it can be disabled - maybe in mouse settings?

Thanks, I’ll look into it. Much appreciated :pray: