Can't wrap a Rich Text Block inside of a Link Block, why?

Hello all!

I’m keen to use a button animation found on Codepen, and have made the animation work visually within the site I am building…

I’d like for it to link to:

Is there a piece of code that goes in the HTML box that can do this…I understand that HTML blocks can’t be placed into link blocks…

My understanding of code is limited…perhaps I’ve missed something really obvious??


Can this same animation be built in Webflow by styling and animating the link block itself??

Thanks for your help if you get chance to look!


Look at the video, easiest way is to delete the html part of your code and redo it with webflow. The CSS code will still work.

Then add a block link and put the figure element inside of it. Then define the link.

(You couldn’t wrap the custom code block inside of a link block, because of possible links conflicts. So the only other solution is to add the link in the html code, but it makes your element break I don’t know why.)