Can't work out how to build this using Inline Blocks

I am designing a new site
I am having problems with the navigation area.
I am having problems creating inline blocks with % and others with fixed px.

Please could someone have a look at the screen shot and tell me what I am doing wrong and if there is a way to solve this. Commercial project and spent a whole day faffing about trying to get this to work.

Please see screen shot attached.
Many thanks in advance

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You could create a section and put three divs in it.

  • The first one (I’m lumping your two end ones together to keep it simple) is a fixed left float 200px width, block, position auto.
  • The second div (center); Make it inline block and give it a margin of 200 on each end; Position absolute top
  • The third div (right); width 200px and position fixed right OR float right

Thanks Joe_Hoff,

I don’t think I can lump the two together (to make 200px), I tried that, because subsequent sections underneath need to line up too. The edge of the page (the one 100px in) will go all out of line if I make a section which is responsive. Thoughts?


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