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Can't Verify ID Document for Client Billing Setup

I’m in Australia and I’m trying to setup Client Billing but cannot get my ID verified, every time I submit a high quality photo of my Driver’s Licence, i’m told “The provided ID document was rejected by our payment processor. Please try again.” This is the most common form of ID document used in Australia as far as I know.

When I leave client billing, come back to it, submit the ID again, it tells me Pending Verification, this should take 2 - 3 days etc. However when I come back to this screen again I’m met with that same old error message I posted above. Really not sure whether my ID is being verified, was flat out rejected or what. Seems like a bug but very confusing either way and need some help on this one.

Hi @SetosaDigital

Thanks for letting us know about this.

I’m sending you a DM to get some more info about the issue and help get this resolved :bowing_man:

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