Can't upload image above or below 100kb

Hi there! I’m trying to create a collection list of thumbnails for social media when I list links to member’s social media on their profile pages.

I have been trying to resize the image and I noticed that when it’s above 100kb, I get an error, and when it’s below 100kb, I also get an error. I don’t know how to size it to exactly 100kb and I think something weird is going on. Please help if you have run into this problem before.

Here is my public share link:
Webflow - Podwork

In the field’s setting you’ve set minimum and maximum files size to 100kb, so that is reason. So you’ll have to update those setting and set a higher limit if you need.

You’re the best! I think I forgot that I did that! Thank you :heart:

You are most welcome :wink: This usually that happens to anyone.

By the way, if your issue is solved please mark it as done.

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