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Can't update my web site anymore, file upload failing


I’m a paying customer from long time but cannot update my web site from 10 days now.

Suddenly, some images got lost with no explanation and when I try to add it back I get kicked out from designer with an error message:

“This was renamed or it no longer exists! You will be redirected to the dashboard now. Please contact if you are experiencing issues.”

Support says “we have a small team and we are doing our best”, but I just can’t wait the company to fix its team size situation, so maybe after that they can give me a technical solution.

I’m very frustrated and disappointed on being stuck from 10 days, whats is making a BIG impact in my business, and I’m losing money and clients in consequence.

Now, hosting settings got lost from webflow dashboard but my web site is still on line (perhaps its ghost I guess)…

Did someone got similar problems ? How did you fix ? Any reliable alternative to Webflow (I think code export still works) ?

Thanks a lot for any help!


Do you have anything we can take a look at?

Here step by step:

1 - This is how my web site looks in designer after my logo disappeared:

2 - When I try to add it back I get:


I tried to remove and add back the image object, the brand link and the entire NavBar. Nothing works.

Any help is welcome.

Thanks, Marcelo

It is a shot in the dark, but if you are on a paid plan I would try duplicating the site and see if you are able to work with the duplicate. If it is a damaged file / database / resource or permissions issue the rewrite may at least allow you to successfully edit / delete in that version. Again - a total shot in the dark, but an easy step to see if it allows you to fix the issue providing you can access your dashboard.

You should also be able to restore to any of the previous auto saves or previous saved bookmark states if you created any. Webflow creates them automatically, so you should have numerous backups.

How large is the published site? How many pages?

Worst case - if your account is down completely and the site is still online anywhere - even a cached version (ghost as you put it) you may be able to at least save all of the resources from that published version. Some browsers and extensions do a fair job of collecting all of the site resources from a published site. If you can point to a working URL it would be a very good idea and then you can work back from there as things are restored to prevent loss. Just having a copy of your site CSS classes and the HTML are the vast majority of the structure. Images exist on your computer and the supporting libraries are largely standardized from site to site.

Good luck. Sorry you are experiencing problems Marcelo. If you can point to a URL I will try to take a look after I get off work tomorrow.


Hey @mlombard, I’m really sorry for the continued trouble! I’ve sent you an email to coordinate a live debugging session so we can try to get to the bottom of what’s going on with file uploads in your site. Hoping we can get to the bottom of it soon and get you back to full speed!