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Can't unlink symbols "smthg went wrong while trying to save your site" error

new to posting in the forums… have been creepn and learning for a while now… been measuring, analyzing, pivoting and agilely iterating my way to a finished site lol…

id just like to thank webflow… its worker bees and the community as a whole.
on a bit more granular level @vincent and @sabanna… thank you for your contributions… you’ve been the stones of my learning foundation! also pixelgeek… can only tag 2 as newly tho…

so… the issue I’m running into is this…

upon clicking “unlink” on 1 of 2 symbols I’ve created… I’m met with 3 error msgs of

“something went wrong while trying to save your site. let us know what happened in the feed back popup”

there is no feedback popup.

my motive is to basically copy and paste the symbol… unlink it and individually edit the comps to fit needs on said pg.

i have a simple navframe symbol I’ve created that has no problem unlinking.

the symbol i am having issues with “INFO LOGO KEY” does have multiple interactions set to it.

any thots be great… tx

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Honestly, the best way to do this is:

  1. Create your block content, name and save as a symbol in the panel.
  2. When you want to use again, don’t copy it - Go to Symbol panel while you’re on the correct section and drop it in from the Symbol panel

That will be a better practice for ya.

Give it a try. Take care.

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thanks @garymichael1313 … i should have done more basic trouble shooting prior to posting… i closed out WF and safari and reopened. that solved the error message but also cleared allll of my interactions… that wasn’t fun to see… got to learn about versions and backups tho. thank god it self saved … so i restored!


Awesome! Not a problem, glad you got it working. Take care.

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so after i restored to previous working version i took the same actions as before and created a symbol out of the same group of components… and the same issue occurs!

to clarify my previous post…i wasn’t actually copying and pasting… i was placing through the symbols panel. my intention was to use the symbol as a vessel of sorts…

Hmm… I would contact support directly with this one because it’s probably related to the projects themselves. Off the top of my head, I don’t think it’s the Designer. It seems to think you’re doubling up on site saving. This is a rare event.

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@garymichael1313 thank you again g… i recreated the issue again do to the fact that once i did get the symbol to unlink and moved forward editing i forgot to set a sub defining class… having to restart that section again. i took the same steps as previously posted to create the symbol and again couldn’t unlink the symbol… original or another placed one. if i close out of WF and don’t click out of error msgs and reopen, it doesn’t save the “frozen” symbol, but if i click out of the 3 errors its frozen for good and i have to restore.

id also confirm that once it does freeze all of my interactions do get deleted.

if i wait a bit …then the symbol will unlink, but the interactions for the entire site are still gone


Thanks for posting about this and thanks so much for helping @garymichael1313 :fist_right: :fist_left:

We are currently investigating this issue at high priority and hoping to have it resolved soon. As soon as I hear back from the team, I’ll post an update here.

Thanks for your patience so far!

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@Brando per @garymichael1313 suggestion i emailed direct to WF.

i was wondering if the read only share link i post is effected as i continue to edit forward?

i also in general wonder about complexity of my design and or structuring, am i over designing over structured … idk…? as creatives do… i tend to push boundaries.

its my first go at web design.

thank you both again… love to learn

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Good questions!

Your Read-Only link is a version of your project in the Designer in preview mode. Edits there won’t be saved, but any updates you make to the original version of your project will also be made in the preview mode (unless you turn off the Read-Only link, or create a new one).

In regards to the complexity of your design — it’s all subjective I’d say. Your first go at web design is awesome, though. I say push all the boundaries you can as long as the end product achieves the goals you and / or your client have set.

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@Brando thank you.

i was just concerned the link i provided would no longer contain the issues i was referring to if i continued to work forward… and sounds like i needed to turn off read only link i had created to preserve the error environment in said r.o.l.

in regards to complexity and or structure… thats the general concept i was under, that its (complexity) is more so relative to the structure system of the boxes… i just envision Fibonacci seq per usual… turtles all the way down i think they say. granted I’m sure the nature of actual content can stick a fork in any situation.



Thanks for your patience while we investigated. Our team was able to push a fix for this issue.

You will no longer run into the issue where interactions are deleted. Can you please let me know if you are still experiencing the issue around unlinking symbols?

Also, you can restore to a previous version of your site if you want to get those interactions back.

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

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@Brando thank you guys for all… i really love webflow and am excited to take part even if thru an issue.

yes… had read a topic @helmsmith posted on having lost interactions and thankfully learned how to restore…was :sweat: for a second lol

im pretty sure it was actually jt’s website that hooked me on webflow… dope work



to confirm … the loss of interactions has been correct… as well as the freeze up of created symbol(s).

i recreated symbol …unlinked… deleted symbol … recreated new … placed a symbol and unlinked both successfully!

thanks again to all

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