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Can't type multiple words beginning with a Capital letter

I ignored this seemingly bug for a long time, but it’s beginning to really Bug me now :anguished:

It’s a little difficult to explain, but here’s what happens:

When I want to type multiple words beginning with a Capital letter, the complete field where I’m working in (Nav link, paragraph, normal link, heading, etc…) seems to reset itself? Not sure what happens.


I want to type: “When & Where”. Doesn’t work. I have to type “When&Where” and then add the spaces later. Typing “when & where” works fine.

See my video:

Woah, that is weird indeed. Looking into it now, seems bizarre.

Edit: I’m able to reproduce this locally - seems more to do with the ampersand and non-breaking spaces (e.g. I can press Space+Space+Ampersand and the issue occurs). It’s definitely a bug - trying to find root cause right now.

I think typing a space + capital letter after using a certain symbol (+, &, %, @, ! etc…) is causing this problem after doing some different tests just now.

Hey @rowan, are you able to get this to happen for anything other than a Link element? E.g. Typing the same things into a Text Block doesn’t cause the bug to pop up - seems to only affect <a> nodes for me. Let me know if it’s the same for you so I can help narrow this down. Thanks!

@callmevlad yes tried some more, and seems to only occur in links (nav link/text link)

Hey @rowan - we just pushed a fix for this - can you try it out and see if you can still reproduce? Thanks! (Make sure to refresh your browser first to grab the new code…)