Can't transform an element into a component

Hi guys, I have a div element with text and images which I want to turn into a component so I can reuse it in other places on the website. The content in the div such as images and text are pulled from CMS.

When I right click on the element I want to turn into a component the “create component” is grayed out. When I click on the “create component” it says “the selected element can’t be turned into a component”.

Can anyone tell what’s happening and what could be the solution?

Might need your read-only link but have you attempted to wrap the trouble element with a div and then make that wrapper the component?

I too encountered the ‘The selected element cannot be turned into a component’ message. A search of the forum led me to this page. I eventually found that the component is a sub-component of a Collection with references to fields in that collection and that this is why I cannot componentize the DIV element.

I found that I could successfully componentize the Collection parent node.