Cant transfer a slected item in a collection list to a different page

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In order to help you out I’d suggest giving us a bit more information on what you’re trying to accomplish. Right now I’m a bit confused on which collection item you’d like to move and where it should be moved.

ok, so i have some data in cms collection which has list of question field and answer field, i am listing these values with the collection list. Now what i want to do is, if i select any of the list item in the collection list, i want to get the question field and the answer field of what i have selected, move to a new page or screen within my website and display it.

Ah okay, well since these are being pulled from your FAQ Collection, you can just add a link to that specific item’s Collection Page:


Once you’ve got that setup, just head to your FAQs Template page (the very bottom option shown in purple) and design this as needed using the available Collection Fields:


Webflow has a great writeup on using Collection Pages that I’d recommend you take a peek at if you haven’t already:

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out :+1:

Thank you so so much :smiley:

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