Can't style my layers

Yo! I can’t style my layers because when I select them the styling panel still reflects the previous layer, etc… Here is a LOOM. This is crazy what’s happening?

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hi @Jake_Schlegel what I see in video is that you not confirming changes let say by enter or clicking somewhere else. While cursor is still in field and you change viewport the value will get back to its original value. I have notice this as well …

No changes happen when I press enter. I cannot style the hero-left element at all.

I have now checked in Safari that is not supported for WF designer and even that I have no issue when changing values and swopping between left and right column. Changed values in these elements (left and/or right) work as expected mean keeping new values.

EDIT: I have now watched your video again and I’m not sure if you understand basic WF viewport inheritance rule.

  1. from base viewport a smaller viewport inherits style form larger viewport.
  2. larger viewports than base viewport inherits from base and up.

this mean that from base viewport (star) inheritance is going up for larger or down for smaller. It is exactly opposite of mobile first.

Is this you are referring to? If yes check WFU about viewport inheritance.