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Can't stack Text Block element over Collection List / Item

Dear Community,

my little problem is most likely a very easy one – but as I’m new to Webflow I can’t find any solution somehow.

I am not able to properly place an Element (like a Text Block or Div) stacked over my Collection List. The Collection Item is placed in a flex grid and is limited to one image. Now I want to place a text box stacked over it. I sort of managed it using absolute positioning but obviously this is not the right solution.
With other elements this is no problem, but the moment I try it it on a Collection List it does not work …

Maybe someone here could help?
Thank you!

Here is my public share link:
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Why would you say that it isn’t the right solution? Sounds like a solution to me :slight_smile: Tried it and definitely you can do it the way you said.

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Well, maybe I did something wrong then – I managed it to place it over the image but it’s position changed based on the size of the browser window …


  • collection item - set display to flex, direction - horizontal, align: center
  • text block 19 - remove position-top settings


Oh yeah, that worked. :wink:
Thank you!