Can't select off page element to create a symbol

I have a container for the “footer text” that I want to make into a symbol however due to it’s “interaction” I can only select the “text box” nested inside the “footer text container”.

Any way to work around this?


You can always select elements from the Navigator in the right panel or by pressing “F” on your keyboard.

It seems your element doesn’t have a height value. Give it a large height value so you can right click it and create a symbol of it. then you can double click the symbol to edit it and remove the height value again.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Good luck,
Anna K

@Anna_Kelian I can’t right click in the navigator and “F” doesn’t seem to work.
I’ve changed the height but since it’s an interaction in relation to the heart as well, the text box automatically moves up with it.

I don’t want to remove the nested text box from the container because that defeats the purpose of the “interaction”.
I tried bringing the z-index up / creating two separate symbols from the text box and text container and linking them but that didn’t work.

Do you maybe know of any other options?

Again, thank you!

Got it, it’s CMD + SHFT + A :slight_smile:


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