Can't select my text block

Hey everyone !

I have my text block and I want to put some words in it (right) but every time I click on it, it clicks on my background elements such as my section or my div. So I’m finding difficulties to put some text within my text block

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Put the editor in Tablet view.
Remove the class “Nav_text_container” from the container.
You can then update the nav text.
After you edit the text add the “Nav_text_container” class back.
I had to put the editor in tablet view to see the nav text which is only partially in view.

Thanks a lot Paul ! :grinning:

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If you click the text block in the navigator (left panel). Hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard and you can start typing/editing the text. Useful when you have something in front of your text block preventing you from double clicking in to it.

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