Can't select elements except through Navigator


I have two challenges:

  1. I can’t select various elements. I have to go to Navigator. I can select the Nutrition Facts though. Plus the Nav bar doesn’t keep the settings of fixed, color, hover, etc.

  2. The “Nutrition Facts” scroll over the Nav bar even thought the Nav bar has a 1000 z-index.

Thanks, Todd

Hi, it looks like you have some issues on your placement of different elements. Why you have navbar in the “section hero image” section with no other elements? That is currently set to fixed and to cover full page, so you cannot click elements when other elements are being covered by that… Seems you are making some additional changes, but when I looked, I removed the section hero image element completely, put navbar just under body and gave navbar z-index of 1000 and made sure that product sections where having z-index less than 1000 and it worked ok.



Excellent. Thanks for the quick response Dave