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Can't seem to locate all links to unlock CMS

For the life if me I can’t unlock a CMS category in order to make changes. I think I’ve unlined everything, but apparently not as it is still locked. Is there a screen that will show all remaining links to elements?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - David's In_Process Website
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Okay, first off, if this is your site, and this is your photography, WOW. It’s absolutely stunning. If not, please pass along props, because this is gorgeous work.

Second, you should be able to see what’s linked to a Collection by going into that Collection, opening up its Settings, and pressing View connections.

If that doesn’t do the trick, can you post a video or an image of exactly where you’re seeing this so we can better lend a hand?

Thank you McGuire. Yes, it is my work, all of it. I’ll give it a whirl and keep you posted.

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Figured it out with your help. I’m not looking carefully enough at the little screen widgets, clicked on one and got the link to go away. Thank you.

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