Cant see"Submit" button on form at bottom of page

Hey I created my new portfolio site and its not showing the “submit” button on the contact form which is located at the very bottom of the page.

It appears in the editing but when published, it’s hidden.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

Here is my official website, when published:
[2]: parkdidit.comt

Website Link:

Hey @parkdidit, I have opened your published site in different browsers and can see your submit button perfectly fine (see the screenshot below)

Please try opening your site in a different browser or in a private window. Does this change anything on your end?


It appears when I use Safari but not on Chrome, any thoughts on that ?

Is the button visible on Chrome when you try it on your end ?

Hi @parkdidit,

I’m able to replicate this issue on Chrome - it looks like it’s related to the ‘Slide in from bottom’ interaction - would you be able to try changing the offset to 10% and see if this fixes the issue?

@parkdidit Contrary to the experience of @mww, I can’t replicate this issue on Chrome (Version 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (64-Bit). The button is visible and I can see the Slide in interaction.

Maybe changing the offset, like Milan suggested, actually fixes things. Let us know.

Which Interaction is this under ?


  1. Select the Button Full
  2. Move up to the parent element Button Flex. You can actually see the selection in the screenshot from @mww
  3. Inside the Interaction panel, choose the Element trigger Scroll into view
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I think I fixed it on Chrome. Hows it looking on your end ?

Hey @parkdidit, I can see the Submit button fine on the current versions of Firefox, Chrome and Brave.