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Can't see all of page when editing

Hi, as the description says, not all of my page is visible when I am editing. I mean, my page is hidden under the left side column, and unlink in Preview Mode, I can’t see my whole page, and I need to edit stuff where it isn’t visible (i.e. being blocked). How to I resolve this issue?

Many Thanks,


@CCPWS , what size display do you have?

A 13 inch Macbook Pro

@cyberdave, This is what it looks like:

This really hinders my editing work because I can’t see my whole website. Moreover, the page gets messed up in Tablet view and below:



Can you post your public link so we can see how you structured your site? It’s possible you added some Overflow settings by accident that isn’t letting you scroll your site.

@thesergie Here you go! :

I just moved the three columns of the main section (the one with the slider) far apart from each other because on other computers, the columns get stacked one on top of the other vertically. I thought this might be resolved by putting them far apart. My computer is a 13 inch Macbook Pro, with a rectangular monitor, while the other computers have square monitors, which might be why there is a problem. Anyways, go ahead and take a look at my site.


By the way, when my free trial ends, if I have only one website, will that website be the one free website that I will have in the free plan?