Can't scroll to the bodom of the page

Hey guys,

I have this unique margin collapse problem which usually can be solved really quickly ( as shown in this post Designer gets cropped ) but right now it’s not doing anything. Does anyobody have an idea?

Here’s my read only link:

Sorry for spamming the feed with sth like this…

It looks good to me… I am able to scroll until the end. Even when I take off the 1px padding from the body…

Thanks for the fast response Eli11,

It’s looks good on a 27’’ screen but not on a 15’’. What size are you viewing it on?

I’m viewing it on iMac 27". Chrome browser.

I built it on a 27’’ but it just won’t cut it on the 15’’. I added some extra media queries, but I dont’t think that that queries might be the problem.

Try setting Overflow to Visible on the Page-Wrap.
This should solve it

Eli11, you made my day, I will be eternally grateful for this! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I only hope things wont’t slip in and out cause of the overflow haha

I’m happy it worked out for you.
You can always give the children div an overflow hidden

That’s true, thanks again :slight_smile: