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Cant scroll the UI for interactions

I have added a lot of 2.0 transitions necessary for the product demo I am building but I have gotten to a point where I cant get to some of the interactions I have created because the UI for the interactions pane doesn’t allow scroll.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @KUT, thanks for the post, does the middle mouse wheel/scroll pad swipe work when your mouse is over the list?

Could you help to share the site read-only link?

As a next step, I would recommend to check that the browser is running the latest updates, and to see if there are any browser extensions loaded that might be conflicting with the Webflow browser code.

A good way to check if browser extensions are conflicting, is to open the browser in Incognito mode (in Chrome) or Private Window mode (in Safari) and reload the site in the designer.

Thanks in advance.

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