Can't Scroll On Site, Works On Preview

The Brocollete logo isn’t showing up on mobile or tablet views in the navbar.
Most importantly, I am not able to actually scroll down my homepage for some reason. Please help, anything would be super appreciated!!!

Preview Link:

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @ngdesign it looks like you have an Overflow: hidden style set on your body element, so any elements overflowing in the body element are not scrollable, it looks like a bug that you’re able to scroll in the Designer when you have an overflow: hidden style on the Body element. I’m looking further into this to see if that issue can be resolved.

​Please let me know if this is helpful, or if you have any additional questions, I’m happy to help further :slight_smile:


thank you SO much!
any thoughts on the navbar?

Hi @ngdesign it’s my pleasure to help anytime :smiley:

It looks like your image in your navlink is set to display: none, change that style to display: block in Tablet mode and it should resolve the issue :slight_smile:

Here’s a GIF showing how to do so (set it from Tablet down to fix the issue):

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