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Can't scroll in Design mode

Hi folks,

Just getting to grips with Webflow, really enjoy it so far however I cloned a horizontal website i wanted to practice on and can’t work out why it won’t scroll (horizontally) in the Design mode? It works fine in Preview mode. I tried changing overflow-hidden to visible but it doesn’t help.

Any help much appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Thought i solved it by going to Animation mode (Interactions - scroll settings - scroll actions) but taht’s not much help as i still can’t scroll in design mode.

Same on my side, let’s wait for a solution…

Is it a known issue Caridad? Thing is the guy i cloned it from was obviously able to make it which makes me think i just need to change one setting or something.

The thing is scrollable only with interactions that are applied. And interactions are active only on preview (and obviously on published sites).

Thanks Dram, i thought that but how did the originator make the site to begin with past the homepage section? It was made in Webflow and he couldn’t have done the other sections blindly without the ability to scroll.

He had them vertically aligned in designer to fill with content. Then switched to horizontal and applied interaction that moves it on scroll

Thanks Dram, i would be happy working that way. I tried deleting on scroll interactions / switching elements to Vertical but still couldn’t manage to get scroll working. Do you know how i would go about switching back and forth between Vertical / Horizontal? Do i actually need to delete the interactions?