Can't scroll down in design tool

I can’t scroll down in the Webflow design tool, very annoying because obviously I want to build more than only the header :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Jesseaerts and welcome

Your question is not clear to me, can you take A screenshot?

As you can see I have text under my header with ‘Clience Media;…’. I cant scroll down to that section to edit it.

hi, can you include a read only link? I think I had a similar issue before

Just to check. Make sure that you didn’t hide the overflow of the Body, and you also didn’t give it a specific/max height

Here you go, thanks!

@jesseaerts it’s working for me, I just don’t think you have any content below the header so there is nothing to scroll to, I just pasted in a few copies of that text section and it’s working fine:

Now it works for me as well. I’ve set the overflow to ‘Scroll’ in stead of ‘Visible’. Thanks for the help guys!

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