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Can't reuse cart symbol? Shows error message

Hi everyone,

I am working on my first Webflow eCommerce client project and I ran into a bit of a problem. I have created a class for a div block in the hero section which is then going to nest the cart symbol. I have created many pages and used the cart symbol over and over again until now. For some reason it’s showing me a weird error message when I try to put the cart symbol on the blog template page and I don’t know what that means.


This is what it’s supposed to look like:


Any idea what the problem could be or what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi @VladyRahn!

The cause of error “Cart Item cannot contain less than one Option List element” is that there was additional work done recently to make variants functionality to be available in the Ecommerce projects.

To fix this, it will be needed to add new Cart element from ‘Element’ tab over which all previously created styles and other functionality can be reapplied, and remove old one Cart element.

I apologize, for this inconvenience that is caused by changes in the Cart element. We know about the problem with element migrations, and have internally started looking for more sustainable solution, so updating of the element to newer versions will be more smooth in the future.

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Hi @frontendgirl,

thanks for your quick reply to my question. OK, I need to delete the “old” cart symbol and create a “new” cart symbol to “update” my cart basically, right?

I don’t mind doing that in light of “product variants” being worked on in the background. Even though this scenario is an inconvenience to me and probably some others as well, I like seeing you guys actually working on this, it is a very important feature for eCommerce and I like seeing you guys taking action on that. Now, what I would like to know, is there some kind of timeline on this feature that you can mention or perhaps you can’t say anything about that yet?

Thanks so much

Variants functionality will be part of the general launch of Ecommerce feature, that is planned for early in 2019. I am one of the engineers, that are working on this feature, and we are doing our best to it become available as fast as possible.

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I did exactly as you said, and everything is working fine. Thanks again

Awesome, can’t wait for that feature to come out. Keep ‘em comin’

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