Can't remove white page scroll?

Hello, new to webflow,
I’ve been going through the tutorials and forums yet can’t find a solution to the dilemma I’m in.
I’ve got the whitepage scroll to the right, if I set the page body to hidden it removes the white page scroll but also the page won’t freely scroll down at all.

Would love to have a normally scaled page.

My site -

Thanks for your responses!

If you have a section that is overflowing to the left or right I’d recommend applying overflow hidden only to the section causing it.

I’d also look at resizing and text or content that is currently causing the overflow issue. Look into content max-widths as well

You generally never want to apply
Overflow hidden to your body element as like you’ve experienced it stops you from being able to scroll normally.

Can you please provide an updated read only link to your site? Thanks!