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Can't Remove Items from Cart

I just found out this error that can’t be fixed unless user clears their cookies.

  1. User adds product to cart
  2. Admin deletes product in cart
  3. When user tries to remove the item from the cart
    “Something went wrong when adding this item to the cart”

Basically the user can’t do anything unless they their clear cookies.

Question: Why is the admin deleting items in the cart?

Sorry let me rephrase that:
2) The admin deletes the product from the ecommerce dashboard.
This causes the item that was in the user cart to be unremovable. Only solution is for user to delete their cookies.

had this issue as well thanks for solution

Maybe it would be nice to have a little script that clears shopping cart cookie (and empties cart) when user clicks a button ?
Anyone tried this ?


Not sure if this is related to this problem but I´m not able to remove items from my cart. I´m pretty new to Webflow and all this. Do you know if I have to do something to the remove button on the cart to be able to remove the item?


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