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Can't reconnect godaddy domain

Hi Folks - so, because of a payment issue I have had to republish a Teams site from scratch - which went fine, until I attempted to attach the custom domain. Looks as though the process is going well; GoDaddy SSL prompts etc - but it times out as unsuccessful. Strange - as it attached no problem when the site was first put live.

Could the issue be that the domains still point to the old instance of the site?

Any advice appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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so… think it could be that I need to delete the existing CNAME and ANAME DNS records associated with the domain? - thoughts?

Yeah, I think that the issue could be in these domains

I’m having the very same problem. When I try to automatically connect with godaddy it get stacked loading forever, when not I got an error message saying that it’s not possible to connect.
Any clues?