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Can't put X < 1.000em value in typo section

In the typography section, the system is not allowing me to put value under 1.000em.

It works for bigger value like 4.225em and also, in sections like advanced position section.

Thank you !

I had a question about em’s, which was answered in this thread

hope it helps.

something went wrong with the link I guess.

Anyways, you can find it with the title “How do I make 1em smaller than 16px?”

You’re totally right @devmtl! We’re gonna fix this soon. Thanks for pointing this out!

@thesergie OK thanks !

@pingram3541 I do understand, but it would mean I define de base typo size regarding the mobile view and scale UP from there … that’s pain. Hopefully, this is gonna get fixed :slight_smile:

For everyone, here is what I mean with views letter

Just for sake to put clarity here, let’s assign letters to resolution formats :

A is Defaut view
B is Tablet Portrait view
C is Mobile Landscape view
D is Mobile Portrait view
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


Yep, I think we get the A,B,C…regarding the views and its a great and simple way to refer without having to keep typing out “tablet view”, etc.

Also, regarding the base styling, it should work from the A view, down, not the other way. So “B” overrides only “A”, then “C” overrides “B & A” and finally “D” overrides “A, B & C”. So if I define the font size on the body element as 1em and then use unit-less values for all other elements, i.e. font-size: 1, font-size: 1.5; those values all refer to em defined originally. Then, I can simply change the body font-size em value in other B, C, & D views and all elements contained within body should change. The trickle down effect of inherit values. I just haven’t personally tested if webflow allows unit-less values or if trying to do something like font-size: 1 will automatically add a px to the end of it. If so, maybe this can be a webflow change as I do know this works flawlessly with traditional css.

This may also be how to get less than 1.0em if you can define 1em to the parent container and then set a unit-less value like font-size: .8; on the child.

Well @pingram3541 this is exactly what I mean :slight_smile: Cheers !

@devmtl this is the next thing we’ll fix. Right now all of our units (px, %, em, etc) have a range 1.0 to whatever. We need to redesign it so some units have an exception. Thanks for your patience!

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Thank you @thesergie. That will be highly appreciated.
Cheers !

We just pushed an update! You can now have em’s lower than 1. Cheers! :beers:


I confirm ! @thesergie you guys rocks !