Can't push HTML content in a text area


For a few days now, my forms have not been working. I have a form with multiple inputs and a text area that is used to push HTML content. However, I’ve been getting an error when I try to inject HTML into the text area. It used to work before, so do you know if there have been any recent changes or if there is a solution to this problem?

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m sure there were massive changes after the recent SPAM issues, and I’d expect this would be a major one- HTML in a text field would almost certainly be blocked, since Webflow’s forms handler wouldn’t normally be expecting that as valid content.

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@PaulTar - Michael is right on target here. This could really only be confirmed by Webflow but I doubt they will go into much detail to protect methods and overall form security.

I can’t afford blocked submissions on client marketing sites so I moved all of them to for form processing a couple of years ago. Unaffected by all the recent spam and related issues.

There are other suitable options as listed in the University integrations section.