Can't paste in figure

I just ran into an issue on a non-published site that I’ve never seen before. I am trying to paste a list item into a list and Webflow is giving me an error saying “Element can not be pasted in a Figure”. It also will not allow me to drag any items into the list.
There is a figure within the list item, but not the list itself. I’ve used this same list element on other websites without any issues. I’ve checked all the div’s the list is contained within to make sure I didn’t accidentally turn one into a figure, but everything checks out fine.
Has anyone seen this issue before?

Hi @timcricket, thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry for the inconvenience!

By chance is this occurring within the Rich Text Editor?

If you could provide a Read-Only link, it would be most helpful for debugging :grin:

If it’s something private you can’t share in the forums, you could contact support and provide it privately.

Thank you,