Can't Open Mobile Menu After Embedded Lightbox Is Opened

I am using an embeddable button that I received from SimpleTix that opens up a checkout form in a lightbox. After the lightbox is opened and closed, I am no longer able to press my hamburger menu button. I am not receiving any errors. Website link:

The SimpleTix button is making considerable changes to the code that is already on your page. It is injecting code into existing elements on the page and changing the content of the original page in a significant way. A simple example of this is the attribute - style=“overflow: auto;” - is added to the body tag after SimpleTix has been closed. There are many other changes and additional javascript and CSS files are loaded when the SimpleTix button is clicked which could all potentially conflict with existing code.

This screenshot is a comparison of the page code before and after the SimpleTix button is activated. The highlighted elements in red is code that has been removed from the original page. The highlighted green code on the right is code that was added to the page after SimpleTix had finished running.

Here are some of the additional assets that are loaded after the button is clicked.

I would say that the SimpleTix button probably works well on most “simple” web pages however it looks like SimpleTix does not always “play nicely” with more complex pages including pages with animated menus etc.

Based on this it seems like the bottom line is that the additional code generated when the SimpleTix button is clicked is conflicting with your existing code.

This would probably be a question for SimpleTix support.

Ah, I see. Thank you for sending over those screenshots, I have reached out to SimpleTix support. I appreciate your time!

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