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Can't nest Nav with Dropdown under div

I get this error when I try to nest a simple navbar with a dropdown in it under a div… that’s not cool. Ideally it should nest properly.

Flagging as a bug since it’s clearly a UX issue.

Hi @cjroe, thanks for your report about this. I am not sure the exact steps you were taking in the designer when you noticed this message, could you help to list those?

I was able to nest a navbar with a dropdown to another div with no messages, so I would like to confirm your steps.

It would also help when reporting issues, to share a read-only link to the site/page/structure, .

Thanks in advance!

Hi @cyberdave, for some reason I was able to nest them today. Not sure what the steps exactly were to reproduce the issue. I’ll keep track of them and if it comes up again I can add them. I’m modifying a template so I don’t really have the beginning steps to configure the structure.

Hi @cjroe

This was an issue that we pushed a fix for yesterday. It shouldn’t crop up again but if it does please let us know and we can re-investigate.


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Cool, thanks @Brando!

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