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Can't move cursor between classes

Need to delete ONLY p-large.

text-center is a “subclass” for p-large, meaning that if you delete the primary class, you’ll also delete all the combo classes.

You need to delete the subclass in order to be able to delete the primary class. You can delete both and then reuse the text-center class as a primary style.

Thanks, but that doesn’t really make sense. All the utility classes I’ve ever used do one thing and are completely decoupled from their parent classes. So in this case, these classes are both utility classes and should only modify the element as direct styles.

So in summary, I should be able to delete text-center completely and it should leave the p-large as it was.

Hi @cjroe, if I understand the issue correctly, it sounds like it is already working in the way you describe, if you delete the text-center class, which is a nested class to the Global Class p-large, then the overrides that were applied in the text-center nested class will be removed, and only the p-large class styles remaining.

Are you seeing something different? The text-center class can be used as a both a Global Class and a nested class, but be aware when using a Global Class and a nested class with same name, that the nested class styling will also effect the global class and vice versa.

Does this help?

What if I want to only remove the p-large?

Hi @cjroe, since the p-large class is a global class and the text-center is a combo class of the p-large class, it is as @nita_design mentioned, you would first need to delete the nested combo class text-center, then the p-large Global Class.

Once the p-large Global Class is removed, you can add the class text-center as a new Global Class (unless text-center is being used as a Global Class somewhere else already, in that case you can just type in the class name text-center until the Global Class with that name is found)

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