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Cant make my embedded Button Clickable

Heres my website Im working on currently:

I have the button Labeled “Get Started”. The button is currently clickable and opens up my jotform lightbox. My question though is, when I hove over the button Im only able to click the text and not the box. Also it doesn’t really label itself as a button link.

Would greatly appreciate any help! Also if you have better solutions rather than Jotform for collecting client data and payments, Im all ears!


Is this your intended result?

this is not solution undo

Yeah! How did you go about doing that haha?

  1. Go to Preview project

  2. Go to page cant-make-my-embedded-button-clickable

  3. Magic Button -
    a. Change Pointer Type
    b. Change Hover Over Type
    c. Create Interaction to Activate Lightbox

Create an interaction

Ahh okay, so I dont think this actually answers my question. I already have a lightbox embeded code given to me from jotform.

<script src =“” type=“text/javascript”></script><script type=“text/javascript”> var JFL_80247578184162 = new JotformFeedback({ formId: ‘80247578184162’, base: ‘’, windowTitle: ‘Get Started’, background: ‘#000000’, fontColor: ‘#ffffff’, type: ‘2’, height: 800, width: 700, openOnLoad: false }); </script> <a class=“btn lightbox-80247578184162” style=“margin-top: 16px”> Room Style? </a>

You must custom CSS your embed element like a DIV style like sample above


and apply back

Dang okay this may take some time to custom build out jotform with embed. Also when you use their lightbox it doesnt show any branding.