Can't make flexbox order items work

Hello, I am struggling here with the flexbox order.

So this is how it should look on the desktop, being blue: logo, yellow title, red, text, and purple image.
On the desktop, I want to show all vertical but the image will be between the title and text. So purple between yellow and red.
But I was only able to change the order but never to put the image in the middle.
All elements are flexing.

Any help in how can I succeed or what I am doing wrong?
Thank you

Hi @moreira_creates,

if I understand correctly, you wish to have the following order:


right? If so, I doubt this is impossible to combine with the introduced desktop layout from above.
You’re welcome to share a read-only link though, so we can verify and see your exact layout.


Hi Leon, thank you for your help.
I end up discovering the solution. I make a combo with Grid and flexbox and works great.